Lyndon Jessop


As founder and President of Vortec L.L.C. Lyndon has worked diligently to create a fun and efficient environment for his employees that can deliver quality services in an efficient manner. He is the heart of our company and creates relationships that are invaluable to our success. You can see him working in the field and office as Lyndon is involved in every aspect of Vortec L.L.C. He works everyday to make sure each employee leaves at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Jeremiah Becker

Chief Of Operations  

Jeremiah has been with Vortec L.L.C. since April 2020. His work ethic and commitment to Vortec L.L.C.’s core values have proven invaluable in his position overseeing operations. Jeremiah has worked diligently to implement job safety, field processes and practices as well as keeping open communication to each key member. You are most likely to meet with him for he travels to each job to oversee functions there from start to completion. 

Makysa Becker

Quality Control and Human Resources

Makysa joined Vortec L.L.C.’s team as a quality control specialist. Her attention to detail and desire to streamline job processes has taken the guess work out of the equation eliminating mistakes and further opening communication and improving reporting. With her onsite knowledge of job operations and realistic employee requirements Makysa has since moved into a Human Resource position where she excels in being an enabler for our employee’s journeys. 

Rose Cooke

Chief Executive Officer

Rose joined Vortec L.L.C.’s team in 2019 as Office Manager. With her background in Business Management, she has since taken on the role as Chief Executive Officer evaluating new opportunities and working closely with other team members to drive profitability while maintaining Vortec L.L.C.’s core mission. 

Winston Jessop

Field Manager

Winston is an exciting addition to Vortec L.L.C. His ability to oversee jobs, envisioning the final product and helping drive employees efficiently, makes him a valuable part of our team. Winston travels to jobs and oversees their success from the moment Vortec L.L.C. steps onto the job until completion.

McKay Jessop

Field Supervisor

McKay is a field supervisor for Vortec L.L.C. He has been part of the team since 2019 and continues to learn and evolve as we go. His dependability and devotion to any project has made him a valuable part of the team.